Chocolate Courses & Tastings

Are you looking for a fun event or maybe the chance to learn more about chocolate?


Pralinhusets chocolate courses & tastings doesn't only give you the knowledge about chocolate and its heritage but also a taste experience which you have never experienced before.


With up to 12 different cocoa percentages to taste from, every chocolate bar made from one specific cocoabean kind, you will not only gain the knowledge of all the various beans,  but also the chance to find your own favorite. We will offer all from pure cocoafat to a pure 100% cocoa percentage chocolate bar.


And what would Pralinhusets chocolate courses and tastings be without pralines & truffles. We make shure that you leave us with a broad and well variated knowledge of chocolate and it's cocoabean.


Ofcourse you will also learn about how chocolate is being produced. From a cocoatree to a chocolate bar.


The course is held in Pralinhusets main shop, which is located at Drottninggatan 112.


Price: 300 kr/pers

(With less than 6 applicants the course date will be cancelled)


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Chocolate Course Date

Last uppdated: 2012-07-20