Travel & Plantations

A Studietrip to the Cocoa Plantations
The summer of 2005 we traveled to Trinidad-Tobago in Westindien to visit cocoa plantations and learn more about how the cocoafruit is grown. It was a very interesting and informative trip. We also went into the rainforest and with the rytmic beating of the reggae music harvested som cocoafruits our selves. 

We soon realised that this was hard work and we took multiple breaks to drink cocoa té. This gave us the oppurtunity to taste the white fruitmeat "pulp" that encase the cocoabean. The pulp has a rich sweetness that tasted remarkebly good.

After the harvest we returned to the plantation main building and learnt about how they qualité check, ferment and sun dry the cocoabeans. 

Along the road to and from the plantation and rainforest grew bananatrees with beautifull great flowers.


That was a fantastic experience that to se these great blossoming trees. We learnt how the bananatrees is important for the cocoa production as it's large leaves are needed for the fermentation.


During the tour we ate fresh Aloe Vera that we picked and peeled ourselves. Supprisingly they had a bitter tast. 


The mangotrees bursted with fruits that we also got to pick and eat from. Which fresh, taste more delightfully than any other.


This was a wonderfull experience to live through, both live from and in the nature. 

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